• Hospital Parking Refunds

  • CFK have had many requests to help families towards the expensive costs of the parking at the hospital. Especially for families that have to make regular visits as the parking costs can add to the stress they are already feeling.

    As a charity, we do need to have a paper trail of our outlay for the accounts so can not just give out cash without receipts. We approached the contractors that run the car park but they would not negotiate any discounts or contract with us, so the only way we can help families is to ask you to pay at the time and then download our expense form from below and send it in to us for reimbursement.

    Please note, this is purely related to children with cystic fibrosis visits & all claim forms need to be signed by a member of the hospital staff.

    We recommend that you keep a record for your own records before sending it in to us (in case it gets lost in the post.)

    Once we receive it and are happy it has been completed correctly, we will send a cheque to reimburse you but please allow up to one month for the turn around. We are all volunteers and it maybe that the Chairman is away when you submit your claim.

  • Download the QA Hospital Parking Expenses Claim Form