• Donate

  • There's a number of ways you can donate, and we've listed some of the options below. if you would like to discuss making a donation with us please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Donate Online - Just Giving

    Probably one of the easiest and most well known ways to donate directly to a charity. You can donate as little or as much as you like, or set up a page for an event / challenge you are doing through our page, and ask people to donate via your page to raise money for us.


  • Easy Fundraising (easyfundraising.org.uk)

    If you shop online then you can earn money for CFK simply by searching online via easyfundraising.org.uk. You can shop online with 2000 well known retailers including Argos, Next, Amazon, John Lewis, Boots, Vodafone, M&S, Play.com, Debenhams, Travelodge, eBay and many more.

    Just use the links provided on the easyfundraising site whenever you make a purchase and up to 15% of the price will be donated to any good cause you choose to nominate - at no additional cost to you!

    Please make it your homepage to remind you, as it costs you nothing and even doing your weekly shop online will raise money for CFK.

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  • Ebay (ebay.co.uk)

    There are two ways to raise money for us via Ebay. One - when you sell an item, you can choose to donate a percentage of your sale to a charity. Or, when you buy an item, you can add a donation to a charity - so add us as a favourite charity and donate while you sell and buy!

    Shop & Donate via Ebay

  • Other Ways To Donate To CF Kids
  • Payroll Giving

    One way to give to us is through your salary or pension each month, as this has great way for you to get tax relief on your donation immediately (and at your highest rate of income tax paid.)

    Anyone who is an employee or personal pensioner and get paid through a PAYE system can do this.

    Example - Basic rate tax and payroll giving:

    If you pay tax at the basic rate of 20% and donate £10 to us each month = you save £2 so the actual amount you donate £8 and we receive £10!

    Example - Higher rate tax and payroll giving

    If you pay tax at 40% and donate £10 to us each month = you save £4 so the actual amount you donate £6 and we receive £10!

    If you are interested in this fantastic way to donate please ask your employer or pension provider to set up a Payroll Giving Scheme. If they do not already do this, they can find out about Payroll Giving by calling HMRC Charities Helpline 0845 302 0203 and select option 6 for Payroll Giving. They are very helpful so it is easy. We are already registered with Charities Trust who is a Payroll Giving Agency that deals with the administration of getting the money to us.

  • Gift Aid

    If you are a taxpayer and making a donation, please confirm that you wish to gift aid it. We can currently recover 28p for every pound donated straight from inland revenue if you do.

  • Legacies

    After looking after all your family and friends needs, why not kindly consider leaving a donation in your will towards helping the CFKids of Portsmouth?