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  • The CFit Programme – RECRUITING NOW!

    In October 2016, Adam Causer joined the Department of Sport & Health Sciences (University of Portsmouth) to complete a PhD in the area of exercise testing and training for people with cystic fibrosis (CF). Since then, Adam has also joined the CF team in Southampton as an Honorary Researcher, meaning most willing participants can undertake exercise testing in both Portsmouth and Southampton.


  • The CFit Programme is a series of research studies trying to find out which consequences of CF can influence someone’s fitness. This is important as fitness is a good marker to track how the disease is changing over time (similarly to how we track lung function). To be more specific, we know that changes in lung function and body composition (how much fat and muscle our body is composed of) can explain around some of the decline in fitness that we often see in people with CF. However, there are a lot of other possible causes that we need to know more about – this is what this programme of research aims to help us do.

    The first study within The CFit Programme (A CFit Study: Baseline) will investigate how measures of blood sugar control, blood vessel health/function and levels of certain substances within your blood (which are thought to be linked to earlier fatigue) affect the fitness of people with CF. To do this, we will have 3 groups: (1) people with CF and CF-related diabetes (CFRD), (2) people with CF without CFRD, and (3) a healthy control group.  To find out more about this specific study, please read the purple leaflet entitled “The CFit Study”.

    Additionally, the second study within The CFit Programme (A CFit Study: Acute Exercise) will be an extension of the first study (meaning participants must take part in both studies). This extension study aims to determine how different types of exercise affect the ‘limiting factors’ of fitness in people with CF. The two types of exercise we are interested in are high-intensity interval cycling, as well as cycling at a relatively easy difficulty for longer. For this study, we are only recruiting people with CF, and not any control participants. To find out more about this specific study, please read the blue leaflet entitled “The Extended CFit Study”.