• Meet the Team

  • Meet the Cystic Fibrosis Kids Team

  • Sarah Dann

    Chair & Charity Founder

    My son, Liam, was diagnosed with CF when he was 18 months old after he was repeatedly admitted to hospital as a baby with 'chest' related illnesses. He was given a sweat test 'to rule out CF', but to my dismay he was tested positive. The day we were given the news, and how my world fell apart, will always be with me.

    We have had a roller coaster CF journey through the years and personalised medicine has been a massive game changer for us. I live in hope that this will progress and help all people with CF.

    I started CFK back in 2006 with a few other parents as it was the only thing at the time I had control of it came to Cystic Fibrosis. 

    The charity has gone from strength to strength over the years against all the odds and the energy and dedication of the trustees and supporters never ceases to amaze me.

  • Gemma Leigh Weir

    Trustee & Event Organiser